When I was a free bird, I used to read a lot. I love reading so much, so that my husband didn’t think twice when he got me a Kindle e-book reader as a surprise gift a few years ago.

I read The Foundation series, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings during my pregnancy/bed rest. I read Draykon, The Dark Heart, The Dark Prince and a lot more fantasy on wattpad, when my son was in cradle. However, it hasn’t been easy to read much on my Kindle of late, with my toddler son tailing me 24×7, with his assumption that all handheld e – devices should be able to play his favourite Youtube channels.

When I read books, especially fantasy, I am teleported to the world depicted in the books, I forget my current existence. So it is imperative that I shouldn’t read when I am taking care of my little one, or I wouldn’t notice him at the ledge of the bed, about to fall down. Or I thought so.

But you can’t live away from the world of books when you love reading as much as I do. So I took up reading when my son sleeps, when I eat, in the loo and what not; I was reading a lot of titles in the past few weeks.

My usual selection is fantasy, magic, vampires genre. For a change I ventured into apocalypse sci-fi. My selection was the Post Human books 1-3 by David Simpson, Becoming Human by Eliza Green and Urthman by  Jennifer Martucci. That was a strong dose of apocalypse, I should say. Sure I loved them, but they were too grim for my taste, I wouldn’t venture into the post-apocalyptic genre anytime soon.

I would post my reviews of the above titles soon. Look out!

Aim sky, for it is not a destination, but a journey..

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