Cake baking is so nostalgic!

When we were kids, my mom used to make these delicious christmas cakes. My brother and me loved helping her with the batter. It  was so much fun.

Then we grew up, I settled with my husband, my brother moved out for college and the old electric oven gathered a lot of dust in the attic.

cake preparations
cake preparations

Every now and then we would remember the good old cake baking days, and we wanted to try it out ourselves. One day, my bro visited my home, and we decided to give it a try. I had a solo microwave oven at the time, and we tried a small cake. We took flour, sugar, butter and my bro was given full charge of batter making!  Every now and then, we would taste a bit (or a whole spatula!) of batter, and then add something else to ‘enhance the taste’. We’d put a bit of chocolate powder, honey, coffee, cardamom, cinnamon powder and vanilla essence, by the time we were happy with the batter. And then we put it in the oven.

Kiran Rajmohan busy mixing cake batter
Busy mixing cake batter


Mom and dad visited us halfway through, and were eagerly waiting for our ‘sibling’s special cake‘, with my husband. By the time, the cake was ready, my in-laws also gave us a surprise visit.

Now came the fun part.

With all the tastings in between by me and bro, the batter was hardly enough for a small cake, something to fit in a soup bowl. I am glad to say the ‘experiment’ turned out well, the cake was soft and perfect. It was almost as big as a big muffin.And we’d seven adults eagerly waiting for a taste of the cake.

The flavour was almost like a cookie/biscuit, but we’d a size advantage there. The portions were so small, it looked and tasted wonderful. Everyone craved for second helpings, but there was none left!

It was so much fun. And we’d a lot of fun and quality time between us bro and sis, after a long long time. I never knew baking cake is so nostalgic!


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