Five tips for successful marketing RoI in 2017

Marketing is all about creating visibility to the business, be it an individual brand or a corporate conglomerate. Regardless of the year, the expectations that we seek out of marketing won’t change. What would change is how we approach it, how we execute the journey and how we measure the Marketing RoI. Here are five tips to ensure a positive return on investment (RoI) for your marketing spends in 2017.

Focus on your audience

In this age of Big Data, getting data on consumer behaviour is not difficult. The difficult part is understanding the motivation of the customer to purchase. Listening to the stakeholders would contribute to creating marketing content that would yield amazing results. If we focus on the human element of the end user, we’ll create content that is so enticing, they’ll listen to it, and maybe share it for us!

Tie-up with Influencers

Third party endorsements always add credibility to your campaigns. It would also help to reach out to their audience, and give a new perspective of your products to the existing customers.

Share what you create

Focus on the distribution plan, to ensure that your content reaches the targeted audience and beyond.

Take cues from analytics

Understanding your marketing analytics helps to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’d also suggest to periodically review what the competition does and assimilate what fits in. It is of utmost importance to ensure that we take cues from analytics and optimise our campaign spending accordingly. It may sometimes also provide some surprising insights, as to where your audience come from, or what they look from you!

Do more with less

Focus on your message, be precise and concise. A few well thought out, well-written pieces are better at communicating with the customer, and they would feel privileged to be the focus.

Understand the needs of your customers, focus on them and deliver the content precisely, and it’ll do wonders!

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