The power of determination, perseverance and friends

My own life has been made sweeter by the friends who have supported me through what was not as dark a tunnel as it might have been without them” – Howard Engel

The man who forgot how to read┬áby Howard Engel was a true inspiration for me. I read an interview of Howard Engel and an excerpt of his experiences in May 2009. He speaks about his experience with a stroke which took his ability to read. In his own terms, “I could still write books. But will have to tell my publishers that I won’t rewrite as a matter of principle”. Funny, but not when you are affected and when your lively hood is at stake.

I loved the way he conquered his disabilities and how he looked at it as a great learning experience. When ever we hear of heroes, they go through great troubles. So I always thought that it’s the troubles that they face makes them heroes. But on second thoughts, it’s not the troubles that make a person a hero. It’s how you face it, how you look at it, and how you learn from it so that you can utilise it to motivate others. That’s what makes a person a true real life hero!

“Aim for excellence, not perfection; the beauty of creation lies in it’s imperfection.”

* Reposted from my previous blog – entry dated 1 June 2009.

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