The story of a little ring

There was a ring, a perfect round ring. She loved to roll around so fast, she hardly noticed the world around her. Everything was a blur and speed was the only thing that mattered. She loved to be on time where ever she went and thought she’d the perfect life.

Then one day, she lost a part of her, a tiny bit. But that meant that she’s no longer so perfectly round. She couldn’t roll fast now. All those times when she sped around was history!

At first she was shy to venture out in the fear of getting stuck. She didn’t want to go around asking for help, worried that everyone will mock her. But that was not how it turned out. Whenever she got stuck at the little lost piece, there were helping hands to pull her out of it, back to track. And the most marvellous aspect was that no one simply sympathized with her. They always cared for her and helped her.

Slowly she began to notice the world around her, and she was awestruck. The world which was just a blur earlier, lay vivid around her. It was so wonderful. She rolled slowly, slowly taking in all the little things hitherto unknown to her.

She was no longer fast, but she still managed to be in time or she redefined the limits. She was happy.

A long time after that, one fine day, she got that little piece back. Wow! you can only imagine her happiness. To be able to roll about in lightning speed! But she realized that with great speed, comes great losses. The vivid wonderful world around her was again a blur.

Now she speeds only when in need. At all other times, she takes time to enjoy the world around her and help those in need.

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