Why am I so special?

I’ve always considered myself special. And most of my close friends felt the same way, that I am so special. I’ve always felt that I was treated like a princess by all those around me. And I’ve learned to ignore the pin pricks if any. So for me life is a bed of roses.

So here comes that very same question again, why I am so special?

You check my life, I’ve a wonderful family, always caring and supporting me.

A great father, who has always believed in me like no one else could ever believe in, helped me realize my power of determination and supported me to be who I am – to be bold for what I believe in but still be nice and polite like a bamboo. If I strike u will definitely feel the hurt, but it won’t kill u. It’ll only teach u a lesson or two 😉

My mom:  without whom I’d never have been able to understand my dad.  She is always there for me, helping me face the miseries and mysteries of my life.

My parents treated me like an equal since my childhood. So I was always part of the decision making process, whether it be purchasing a new asset or taking up a new liability.

My brother: A wonderful younger brother who’ve treated me like I am younger to him!! I’ve always told him that he need not treat me as an elder, I’d prefer to be pampered as the youngest!! I think he took it seriously and treat me like a kiddo. 😉

My hus, I am yet to figure out what would be the ideal label, for he is all that I ever wanted my hus to be and much more. He helped me understand life from a whole new perspective and together we’ve experienced a lot of adventures 🙂

My friends ofc, they turned me to become this vibrant master piece I am, without them my life would have been a colorless painting. I have always had some friend near me in my need, like an angel, helping me out.

And the few ideals which I believe in:

  • A diamond has to with stand the acid test, to stand out.
  • Aim sky, not the stars, and you ‘ll be a star one day.
  • Failure is not an option!
  • Life is like a game; all is not fair, yet we need to win!
  • With determination and belief you can achieve anything.
  • If I really want something, I ‘ll get it.

I’ll take my time explaining each of these ideals in detail. You may question any or all of these beliefs.

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