your own?!

I am turning spiritual today.

All that you have, all that belongs to you, was given by god. He gave you even your body and soul, then what is it that you have as your own?

Your sins!!!

Though I started out this entry as a fun post, on a deeper note, it does reflect some core aspects of spirituality. If your body, soul and everything else is given to you, then what could possibly be your own? This very interesting point is explored in this post. And when you think in this perspective, it is pretty simple and straight forward.

The story of Valmiki

It put forth the logic that whatever sin one commits is ones own. In fact, this is not something that I invented. It is said in Ramayana, one of the great Indian epics. This realisation caused the transformation of Valmiki. Valmiki is supposed to be the author of Ramayana.

Valmiki was a thief, and one day he tried to loot a sage. The sage asked him, “For whom are you looting?”¬†Valmiki replied that he’s doing for his family. The sage again asked, “Stealing and looting is a sin, there will be punishments for this in hell. Will your family share your punishments in hell?”

Valmiki went and asked his family if they would share his sin, as they are sharing his money. They said no. Heartbroken, Valmiki returned to the sage and sought penance…

…and in the end, he himself became a great sage, who could visualise and narrate the whole of Ramayana, so that (common) people can understand those (values).

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