What if you could change incidents in your past?

There is a single incident in my life that I want to change, if I could. I was around fifteen years when it occurred.

One of my classmates had mumps and she was on leave for a while ( a week or so). But she came back to school, much earlier than we’d thought it to be safe. Mumps being contagious, everyone was scared. On the day she came back to school, I was sharing a twin seat with her. One of my teachers were genuinely concerned that I was sharing a seat with her. (I used to be very prone to infections.) She asked me why I am sharing a seat with her. I moved to another seat two chairs away.

I knew that if she was still infectious, then it wouldn’t matter whether I am sitting right next to her, or that I am sitting two chairs away from her. And I wanted to believe that she’s okay. But I didn’t voice my opinion. I didn’t question. I didn’t stand up.

I still feel guilty about it.

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