About me

I am a simple, plain, pleasant, smiley face who loves to talk and listen to talks.

I love my dad, for helping me become what I am today, by instilling courage and confidence in me, by appreciating and encouraging my determination to achieve what i desire, and believing in me more than any one else in the whole world can possibly do; I love my mum, without her support I would never have been able to fully appreciate my dad; I love my brother who is the light of my life; I love my wonderful husband who lets me sleep as much as I want 😛 and loves me more than I do.

I love my wonderful friends without whom my life would have been a color less painting, instead of the vibrant masterpiece it is now; I love all those who have contributed to my life , making me stronger and flexible simultaneously, by annealing and tempering me.

I believe in the goodness of the world and the beauty of life. A diamond has to withstand the acid test to prove its worth, to stand out…

Keep smiling!!!!!!!! 🙂


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