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I love wild life, (if they can’t touch me or eat me, for that matter). I love photography too. Between the two of us, my husband and I, I consider myself to be the better photographer. But that apparently doesn’t mean I know how to use a phone camera. Yeah, sounds contradictory, right? Here goes the story.

We visited Bannerghatta National Park a few years ago. My husband had visited that park during his Bangalore days, and knowing my love to visit National Parks, he was happy to take me there. We had some trouble finding the way, but we reached pretty early, and had a whole day at hand. The Park has two sections, one is a zoo, where animals live in enclosures/big cages. The other is similar to a natural habitat, where animals roam freely and we can take a bus tour. We were informed that we had an hour at hand before our bus trip started, so we decided to check the zoo first. It was a nice zoo, there were different types of birds and monkeys. We couldn’t see the entire zoo, though it is not as big as the one in Delhi.

By the time we reached the pickup point, there was a pretty big gathering, all waiting for the bus. The trip was what it promised to be. The guides and drivers knew where the animals where, and we saw tigers, bears, lions and a few other animals. It was a sight worth seeing.The animals know they get food, so are not very violent, or so it seems, from the way they behaved. Some were even courteous enough to pose for the cameras!

Tiger through caged bus
Tiger through caged bus

Now comes the interesting part. I told you earlier that for the bus trip, the bus is like a cage, with iron mesh on windows and doors. This is to protect us from animals, in the worst case scenario. So it is a bit difficult to click clear pics through the windows.

Tiger Bannerghatta National ParkI had great difficulty getting sharp pictures on the moving bus. So I decided to take pictures with the iron mesh, thinking of cropping and editing the images later. This went on for quite some time. As my hus was simply accompanying me, he was not keen on taking any pics himself. Rather he was pointing all the animals to me, so I can get good shots. And I had some good, if not great shots.

Albino TigerI thought that I had some good shots, until I requested the guide to click some pics for me, as I couldn’t get a good view of an albino tiger from where I was standing. And here’s what he clicked. He zoomed in on the tiger until we’d a pretty decent image. And the owner of the phone, aka me, didn’t even know I could zoom it in that way! I was doing it all wrong from the start.

Let the images speak for themselves. I edited the images to my satisfaction later on, but that was one enlightening moment 😛






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