Time constraints and its impact on determination!

After almost seven years, I spoke to a friend of mine. After chatting for a couple of hours, he told me that I haven’t changed a bit. It came in rather as a surprise.

My friends picture me as the epitome of determination. They keep telling me that if I focus on something, I will achieve it. My dad used to say the same to me, “If you’re determined, you can achieve it, no matter what!”. My husband keeps saying the same thing over and over in many variations, 101 times a day. And deep in my heart, I know that it is true. I have proved it more than a dozen times, to have created such a unanimous picture about me.

But, (here comes the big ‘but’), I also know that I have a hard time focusing on one single thing. My longest attention span is 18 months, yeah! If I want to achieve something, it needs to be workable in more or less 18 months. if it doesn’t get finished in 18 months, I would probably have to slog on it get it done. I hate to do that.

And, just because I know of this very constraining time-frame, I am skeptical to take up projects to work on or focus myself into something deeper. Too bad! Who knows, I might’ve invented time travel, if not for this silly constraint.

PS: That title is self-contradictory!

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