Freelancer’s home office

Working at home office!
Working at home office!

We’re a freelancing couple. Together we’ve around 18 years of freelancing experience. It is expected that we’ve a full-fledged home office. We do have a specific, designated room called ‘office’ – even our two year old knows which room is ‘office’! But all our preferred work areas are scattered across our home.

So we decided that it’s time we get a makeover for our office to include more spaces that we like to work in, rather than roam around the whole apartment with the Macbook in tow. Initially, we approached a few interior designers. Either we didn’t like their conventional office designs that they tried customising for us or they were way above our budget.

We’d almost given upon the makeover until I stumbled upon this compact study table from UrbanLadder. It’s about four feet long and fits perfectly with the space near one corner window (and it’s only a $100). The pic is our little one working from my workstation.

UrbanLadder compact table
My new workstation

I also need a second table. I am confused between choosing this folding table and this multipurpose/extendable table. Both look like they can provide the additional table top when I need it and would sit silently in its space at other times. I am yet to makeup my mind! For the other corner, we decided to repurpose our existing corner table. I had initally considered this solid wood corner table to replace our old table. It was custom made to suit the specifications of Vinu and there is no point in wasting something when we can utilize it with some minor touch up.

We already have executive chairs and a beanbag. I might upgrade our chairs after we complete the rest of the makeover. I am also toying with the idea of getting a corner couch for the third corner or an ottoman. A wall mounted bookshelf would be a nice addition and contribute to storage space.

What do you think?


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