How I coped with bed rest for 7 months

I meant to write to you earlier than this but, was put on bed rest as soon as I was relieved from office. Well, actually my doctor had asked me to be on bed rest a week earlier, but I took it for granted that a week won’t harm, and I was wrong!!

During the first trimester scan, my doctor diagnosed that my placenta is in a risky position (alas! I already forgot the medical terms). I was asked to reduce my activity and stress levels to a minimum. The only activity I used to do for the months prior to that was some brisk walking and sitting in front of my laptop for eight to ten hours straight. This meant no more ‘sitting in front of the laptop’. My mom interpreted this as ‘ no more laptop’. So there it went.
A couple of weeks on and I had pains in abdomen which didn’t feel right, and apparently my ‘minimal activity term’ was again reduced to ‘being confined to bed’ and ‘using support and help for all activities’. My husband, my mom and mom-in-law took turns to take care of me. My dad brought homegrown vegetables, so we’d something fresh and green all through out. I can’t get the feeling out of my mind yet that they were rather taking care of our baby whom they were longing for, and not me.
nah, my hus took care of me, didn’t he? yes, he did 😛
Being confined to bed is not great. I wouldn’t sugar coat that fact. In the initial days, I imagined that I am on a vacation, sitting in a resort, watching the rains. With some fog in the background and treetops (and a bit of imagination), the view from our apartment window is lovely. I’d always wanted to be lazy, doing nothing but watch monsoons (rains). And I had been doing just that for about three months.
My food was served to my bed, and sometimes mom or hubby would help me eat. I was tired and I didn’t even have the energy to watch tv. In the little time I spend on internet, I was researching about my condition.

By around week 33 (7.5 months), I could sit for 10-15 minutes and walk a bit. It took a couple of months to re-adapt to my new body after the prolonged bed rest. I had dizziness when I walked, so I still needed support. And I used a wheelchair when we went out. Stairs were still a herculean task.

Pastels and painting
Pastels and painting

My brother bought me some pastels and a canvas, and I did a painting, that took weeks to complete. I also did some needle work and tailoring towards the end of my term. I was skeptical to dream and plan for my little one, when I was pregnant. I had emotional troubles and I was scared that something could go wrong. I am writing this with my little one sleeping peacefully by my side, and it feels so worth all the restrictions on me.

"Rose 2014"
“Rose 2014”
Now that I am back to normal life (well, sort of), the bed rest feels like a blessing in disguise. I got to sleep a lot, eat and whine, and did a bit of painting and needle work, and got a sweet little baby; not bad for a nine month vacation .. 🙂

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