How to be great?

When I was a child, I used to read biographies of great people. Helen Keller, Thomas Alva Edison, Mahatma Gandhi; people who are great in their own ways. And I found a very common trait in most of the great personalities life. They all have faced some sort of trouble or difficulty in their life.

I used to think that you need some great tragedy, or trouble to become a great person. That’s kind of a benchmark or threshold for greatness.

Then I actually fell ill. Really ill. I was bed ridden for weeks, just two weeks. Still it counts to be a trouble worthy of me becoming great, I started thinking. That’s when it dawned to me. It’s not the trouble or difficulty in your life that actually makes you great. It’s how you overcome it, or rather face it. So it is just a matter of defining the greatest troubles and fears in your life. And then facing and overcoming it.

I’d say the moment you start loving your greatest enemy, it becomes a silent witness of your achievement, and a standing testimony of your greatness.

PS:I still want to be one of the most powerful personalities of the century. I know it is a difficult task!

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