Musings of a digital nomad

Freelancing is fun. You get to work on projects that you like and get paid for it while working from places you choose. I prefer to work from malls and food joints. That way it is easier for me to concentrate on work without worrying about getting hungry. I am always worried that I am going to get hungry in the next ten minutes, and then don’t realise when I really have hunger pangs. So I have to ensure proximity to food sources, to avoid food anxiety.

Food anxiety – it’s real, for those of you who don’t know.

Today, I decided to work from Pizza Hut in Lulu Mall, Kochi. I wanted a green apple mojito (non-alcoholic 😛 ), garlic bread, some wings and a small pizza. That’s my usual at Pizza joints. It fills you to your heart while letting you write to your heart’s content. Helps me to be highly productive and creative. I had not visited this particular franchise in a long time, though I frequent other joints in the city.

When I go to a joint to have food and write, I skim the place. If I connect with a particular seat, and if that’s open, I need it. So when I went there and moved to the seat that I liked. Instead, they showed me to the family area, where there were three large families with kids who were creating a hell lot of noise. No dear, I did not come here to admire other people’s kids. If I wanted to do that, I have my own little monster at home. I want a seat in that section which seemingly has business professionals having silent conversations.

They put me in a corner that’s perfect for a dating couple, but not particularly suitable for a date with my MacBook. So what do I do? I did my usual revenge strategy! If I don’t get my preferred seat, I don’t order anything other than a drink, and I would let them know why I am not ordering anything else.

So far so good. They don’t really have a reason to complain, and I am perfectly entitled to sit here to finish my drink (in a reasonable time). And then the server gave me the bill/invoice right after they served my drink, though they usually give you the bill when you are done with the food and drinks.

Okay, no problem! I’ll pay after I have my drink.

She came and checked if I have paid before I even took a sip of my drink! I am just not sure what could’ve triggered that response. Wow, do I look like I can’t afford that drink, even though I have a MacBook and two high-end smartphones with me?

Nah, I do look like I can afford my Mojito. I am wearing a Levis, Lee Cooper blouse and Hush puppies!

Weird day!

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