My first glass painting.. and then the second!

I wanted to try glass painting ever since I saw my brother’s glass art. As always, all the grand plans took shape in my mind..and then lay there for ever. It was because I could either not find the right colored liner or the right shades of paint; the excuses are abundant…Summary – My glass painting had not been able to see a world outside my mind!

Vinu had been teasing me ever since we met, that I only talk about having artistic talents, and never show case any. There was partial truth in his words. I have not drawn anything serious since we met. (I was too preocupied with loving him! 😛 ).

All that changed last week. So we finally went and bought paints and brush and everything. And here’s my very first glass painting. 🙂


And then I went on to do a second one! 😀



I am still too preoccupied loving him, so the next ones will take it’s own sweet time, before being able to see the world! (I have not changed a bit! :P).

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