One year old’s shopping cart!

Toddler in shopping cart
Rohan in the shopping cart

When Rohan was around 14 months, we took him to Lulu Mall. They have these cute, small shopping carts which are easy to manoeuvre around. Rohan hates prams, so the usual option is a shopping cart seat.

As usual, I found one of these to push him through. He loves watching people and being in a crowd (if we are around, so we take him to these malls quite often. We both work from home and we cherish these outings as much as he does.

On that particular day, however, he wasn’t too keen to sit on the shopping cart. We had a bit of shopping to finish and he was in no mood to comply with our earnest requests to sit in the cart. He wasn’t throwing any tantrums, he just didn’t want to sit there. After a while we let him out of the cart, thinking that he wanted to walk like grownups. But what happened next was beyond our expectations. He started pushing the cart around!
Rohan and shopping cartpush along!Rohan started walking a week before he turned 10 months.  By his first birthday, he was running around, still we didn’t think he would want to push the shopping cart around. Or rather would be able to (push it around). And he did that gracefully!

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