Toddler art

We have a lot of wall art – wall decals, some quillings and acrylic paintings here and there by me, and lots of crayon ‘art’ by my one year old budding artist. My decals and his drawings intertwine; he loves to draw within and around my wall decals. Interestingly, he draws only on walls where there are other art, not on plain walls! We love it when he creates ‘toddler art’. It may look like random lines for an outsider, who can’t appreciate ‘toddler art’. At times I think, it should be recognised as a technique, just like cubism and expressionism. Just because everyone can’t appreciate the beauty doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have meanings or isn’t an art.

We have guests every now and then, and each one has expressed alarm or concern about our parenting skills. Nope, nothing serious, no need to call childcare. 😛  The concern is along the lines of, “oh! he’s drawn on the walls. He’s hardly two and you’ll have to repaint already!”. So we tell them that we encourage him to draw on the walls, and they’re like, “eww, gross”. Come on people, it’s just crayons in bright colours, nothing gross about it.

We wanted our apartment to show that we’ve a little child growing up here. That he’s a part of our home’s personality. We keep our home neat and tidy, that’s part of being hygienic. But imagining that art has to be within frames or that little ones can’t be creative outside borders! Not great people, not great!

Why be so condescending that you can’t appreciate toddler art? Why think that home looks great only with clean walls? Let’s let kids be kids. And let them wander their imagination wild.



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